The Three Big Problems Of Platfroms

Every single brand, influencer or cause who is trying to grow and monetize their following and customer base using social media, funnels, membership sites and all the other methods out there have the same 3 Big Problems!





The first problem they all struggle with is COMPLEXITY.   Complexity is a marketing and momentum killer!

There are so many tools and systems out there today.   You have to have a website that is integrated with your social media, a funnel, an email system, FB messenger bot, CRM, and the list goes on and on.

Bringing all of these tools together and making them even communicate much less work and be effective is virtually impossible for most influencers, causes or brands. And don’t even get me started about if you are able to patch and duct tape all of that together how complex it is to operate and train someone to reliably keep it from falling apart much less using it effectively.

I don’t care the size of the organization I work with whether it is a solo influencer or one of large enterprise level  clients with 100s of thousands of people in their system … you all suffer from this.


Problem number two all growing organizations have to face is RISK!!  Risk is what keeps you up late at night and gives you the heartburn feeling at least twice per week!

There are so many risks in trying to grow a digital presence.   

I can’t tell you how many clients we have had to save from some rogue IT person or even company that was holding them hostage or simply disappeared.

But what is sometimes even worse is dying a slow death form that one “IT GUY” that you have been with for 5 years since he was in highschool and he was able to get you to a certain level but now you are capped but are scared to death to rock the boat or don’t even know there are other options out there.

And then there is the risk of all the unknown software, plugins, your hosting service and on and one working right … it is dangerous wastes out there in the inter webs.


And then comes problem number three that gnaws away at your profits month after month … cost.

To glue and duct tape all these systems together, to pay that IT guy to try to keep it from falling apart if for sure one cost that doesn’t seem to be producing and ROI.

But the big monster in the closet is the lost opportunity cost you have every single minute you are out there on the web with a sub-optimal website and marketing system.

This one is like termites … it eats away at your organizational growth and you don’t even see it until  it is too late … you have last growth momentum and you are stalled and “your house” is crumbling around you.

I’m telling you that one or all three of these problems are always the main or underlying subjects of every new client we work with.  All we talk about in our initial meetings, like today, is how do we solve them without the house falling down around us, losing a key long-term IT contractor or staff member who has been loyal for years but is capping growth and how do we stop the cost and lost opportunity cost bleed out.

If you resonate with anyone or multiple of these problems then we want to share with you more in-depth on  how we are helping solve these problems for our clients so that they can get back to the business of changing the world and growing their audience and customers.   

Our clients range from mega brands, large national and international causes all the way down to the growing influencer or brand and everything in between.  These people are doing awesome work on the planet and it is our job to empower “their awesome” to reach more people, to be more profitable and to support them in making a difference.